The health and safety of our members is paramount for ISRI. To assist during this time, we have developed a hub of relevant information and resources to help keep you informed on the latest safe operations, advocacy, state & local policy and economic resources relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes information about how ISRI is actively working various state and federal policy initiatives that have impacts and potential benefits to the recycling industry. ISRI is a resource for you and your company.

COVID-19: Safe Operations, Advocacy, State & Local Policy and Economic Resources


This document is intended to provide guidance to help recyclers operate safely and minimize the potential for exposure to COVID-19.  It has been developed based on public information.



ISRI Requests National Essential Designation for U.S. Recycling Operations and Talking Points; Designation Also Requested at State and Local Levels ...



Information on State COVID-19 business resources and closure orders, as well as reports on state and local government COVID-19 responses, including session changes, legislation, executive...



Information on State and Federal actions, assistance programs, business resources, and closure orders impacting recyclers.


Additional Resources

And, of course, please reach out to any of ISRI’s Safety Staff with questions about any of the items in this document, or any other questions you might have regarding safety and the recycling industry:

Tony Smith, VP of Safety: or 202/662-8529

Ryan Nolte, Director of Safety Outreach: or 765/637-1501 

Darrell Kendall, Execuive Director of RIOSTM, or 202/809-6833

Mental Health

During this time, the mental wellbeing employees is particularly important.  It is a very stressful time for everyone. 

The CDC has a very good website with resources to help people at home and at work manage stress related to COVID-19.

If you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), it is important to remind employees as to its availability and how to access it. 

If you do not have an EAP, there are many good resources for reducing anxiety and helping people reduce stress during this time, including:

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