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ISRI's fire prevention and management plan was developed by fire science, insurance, and scrap recycling industry professionals. It is meant to be used as a guidance document to help business owners, operators, and EHS professionals better understand and mitigate potential risks before they become bigger problems.

This is a guidance document on how-to prepare a fire prevention plan, fight incipient stage fires, and to be prepared in the event of a crisis management scenario. It is NOT designed to provide a template for such plans. It is up to each facility to prepare plans that fit its business operations. Because each scrap processing facility is different and faces unique issues, each plan must be site- and business-specific. The authors of this plan encourage each site to review its operations based on the guidance this document provides.

The document(s) on this page is not under a scheduled document review process unless noted. No assurances are made or implied in terms of whether it is up to date with current regulations, interpretations, or case law. The document(s) is provided for general informational purposes only.

The Fire Prevention and Management Plan is available to ISRI Members and requires login to access. If you would like a copy, please contact

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