Advocacy Agenda: Workforce Safety Initiatives


ISRI is dedicated to the idea that our workers are our most precious commodities. It is for this reason that ISRI continually looks for opportunities to strengthen its workplace safety initiatives using all possible avenues, including partnerships and resources available through the U.S. government. We believe that continuation of these types of cooperative programs between OSHA and industry help to drive safe operating practices and enhance safety awareness and culture throughout the regulated community. To that end, ISRI supports continuation of:

  • The OSHA Alliance Cooperative Program. ISRI’s partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Alliance cooperative program provides the industry information, guidance, training, and other resources to protect the health and safety of workers within the scrap recycling industry and promotes understanding of workers’ rights and employer responsibilities under OSHA guidelines.


  • Lithium Battery Management. ISRI monitors the impact of lithium batteries in the recycling stream and works with many stakeholders, including the International Code Council (International Fire Code) to monitor regulatory responses and develop response protocols to aid in prevention and mitigation of lithium battery-related events.


  • Electric Vehicle Safety in Recycling.ISRI is providing safety training to prevent electrical shocks that can lead to serious injuries in scrap yards.ISRI is also making state and federal policymakers aware of the safety risks, recycling challenges, and environmental impact of end of life EV batteries. ISRI is collecting information on the changing design dynamics and materials used to lightweight EVs.


  • Road to Zero. ISRI is an active member of the National Safety Council’s Road to Zero program that promotes zero roadway deaths by 2050 and actively participates with several transportation -related stakeholders in addressing the distracted driver problem in the United States.

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