Batteries are found in all sorts of consumer devices, from small “button” batteries, personal care products (electric toothbrushes, razors), to electric vehicle (EV) batteries and consumers need education on the potential risks batteries pose during use and when improperly placed into the recycling stream—including, fires during transport in recycling facilities.


ISRI has training opportunities, talking points, articles and other resources to help you ensure you are aware of the latest news and information regarding electric vehicle and lithium-ion batteries as well as mitigating potential risks to your employees and business.


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EV And litium-ion battery resources for ISRI members

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How are Lithium Batteries Recycled? Li-Cycle gives a tour of their facility and an exclusive look at the process. Whether its Electric Car batteries, cell phone batteries, or tool batteries the process is all the same.



The recycling industry faces unique risks that are constantly changing. Electric vehicles and Lithium-Ion Batteries are some of them. Learn more about these new online training courses.

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